Zoppas Industries received the “Panda d’Oro Award 2024”


Zoppas Industries has been honored with the prestigious Panda d’Oro Award for “Excellence in Innovation”, dedicated to the Italian companies that invested the most in the Chinese market. «This recognition by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) – the company explains – is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, growth, and sustainable development in the Chinese market. As a leading player in heating technologies and industrial solutions, we have always strived to push boundaries and set new industry benchmarks. This award not only validates our efforts but also reinforces our dedication to continuous improvement and technological advancements. The theme of this year’s Panda d’Oro Gala Awards, commemorating the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo’s passing, resonates deeply with our core values of international collaboration and cultural exchange. We believe that innovation thrives in an environment of openness and collaboration, and this recognition further strengthens our resolve to foster such an environment. Winning the “Excellence in Innovation” award is a source of immense pride for us. We are deeply grateful to the CICC and the jury for acknowledging our contributions. This achievement will serve as a catalyst for us to continue pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence in our industry».