Miele’s new refrigerators and freezers with 85 cm height


Miele refrigerators and freezers of the K 4000 generation are a suitable solution for small households or as an additional appliance. They have a height of 85 centimetres and fit under the kitchen worktop and even in small rooms. “Space in small refrigerators is limited – the company explains – making it all the more important to utilise the available space to the full. This is why Miele has equipped the new models with FlexiBoard, an adjustable glass shelf. The front part of the shelf can be moved backwards. This creates space for tall containers such as carafes. The freezers are no less spacious, with drawers that can be swapped or removed to accommodate larger frozen foods (VarioRoom). When larger quantities need to be stored, the SuperFrost function ensures that the food is frozen quickly and gently. The new fresh food drawer also offers plenty of space in the fridge, and thanks to the DailyFresh system, food stays fresh for up to twice as long as in the conventional vegetable compartment. This is made possible by an adjustable opening in the drawer lid that allows the humidity inside the drawer to be regulated. In particular, this keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer”. The refrigerators and freezers are illuminated with LEDs, present intuitive controls and can be controlled via the Miele app. Besides, in terms of design, the refrigerators are characterized by the horizontal recessed grip that replaces the conventional handle. The new range comprises two refrigerators with and without a freezer compartment and three four-drawer freezers, including a model with No-Frost technology.