Not just meat with Moulinex Optigrill 4-in-1 XL


Optigrill 4-in-1 XL by Moulinex combines a smart grill, a barbecue, an oven (equipped with a bakery accessory for cooking pizza, lasagna, desserts) and a cooking device to prepare a complete meal. The appliance has 12 automatic programs (for different types of meat, fish and vegetables) and, thanks to the patented technology, it is able to calculate the thickness of the food, taking into account the quantity of pieces to be cooked and automatically regulating the cooking time. The slanted plates allow the fat to drip off easily so user can prepare lighter dishes. The capacity is extra large: in fact it is possible to cook food for 6-8 people. Finally, the consumer can consult new recipes thanks to the My Moulinex app and the product boasts a repairability of 15 years. The Optigrill line also includes the Optigrill+ and Optigrill+ XL models, respectively with 6 and 9 automatic programs.