Davy’s brushes and nozzles for steam cleaners


Davy operates also in the production of high-temperature resistant brushes and nozzles for steam cleaning. The company was a pioneer in the manufacture of these products. “We helped to design the very first models together with the device manufacturer in the 1990s – the company explains –. This long experience translates into a high-quality product, where the choice of materials, first of all, guarantees high performance. The thermoplastic material used, in fact, makes these brushes non-deformable, even at high temperatures typical of steam cleaning (which reach 120° in the home, but in the field of industrial cleaning – such as for sanitizing in the food industry, or for cleaning roads and sidewalks – they reach 180°); in the same way, the correct choice of the bristles, in elastic and rigid plastic, allows them to remain elastic even when exposed to hot steam, thus continuing to perform their function, as well as the choice of a stabilized plastic for the construction of the chamber where they are applied prevents deformations and, therefore, detachment of the bristles under the action of heat. Even the engineering of the steam distribution chamber contributes, with a shape without bottlenecks, to avoid the generation of excessive pressure and, therefore, the overheating; each chamber is 100% controlled against leaks with special devices, to avoid burns and condensation and dripping problems, and the plastics used resist heat so as to avoid deformation and detachment of the screws”. The brushes and nozzles for steam cleaning devices are designed to offer high performance for a long life: a key element to obtain this result is the attention to the flow of the sucked air, so as to reduce wear and, at the same time, noise, also making full use of the power of the engine installed on the appliance. Finally the products are customizable.

D13 Av steam cleaner nozzle with cloth clamp