Polti: a new Vaporetto that’s even smarter


Polti has launched the new Vaporetto Smart 110 Eco steam cleaner. This product, which allows user to clean without detergents and eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria, has a stainless steel boiler capable of reaching 4 BAR and heating up in just 2 minutes. The Eco function limits consumption, saving 23% of water and 22% of energy compared to the Max function. Furthermore, thanks to the compact design and the practical handle the user can move the appliance with ease. Other features of the product are the removable tank, the unlimited autonomy and the rear compartment where consumer can place the 12 accessories, including the Vaporforce brush. This brush can be used on all types of floors, from the most delicate ones, such as parquet, to the most resistant ones, given that the intensity of the steam can be adjusted through a knob. Additionally, the Vaporforce brush has a dispenser that allows to add Polti Frescovapor (an air freshener) to the steam. Finally, Polti Vaporetto Smart 110 Eco cleans not only floors, but also sofas, windows, mirrors, etc.


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