The airHome 800 air conditioner is ultra-technological and connected


The new airHome 800 air conditioner from Hitachi Cooling & Heating uses the R32 gas, is ideal for rooms up to 40 m2 and is available in mono and multisplit versions. The product offers 4 powers (1.8 – 2.5 – 3.5 – 5 kW) and, thanks to the Constant Power technology, maintains the heating power up to -15° C. The appliance reaches the A+++ class in cooling and heating modes for the 2.5 kW and 3.5 kW models. Among the most advanced technologies, the air conditioner features the FrostWash technology in the 3.0 version which is capable of neutralizing even oily particles present in the air (particularly suitable for living rooms open towards the kitchen). Furthermore, thanks to the new integrated sensors, Mold Guard 2.0 constantly monitors the temperature and humidity levels on the heat exchanger of indoor unit, even when the unit is turned off. This way, it keeps the unit clean throughout its use. As regards to the external unit, the main pluses are the FrostWash technology, which removes dust and dirt, and the DuraSpin function which, by reversing the air flow of the fan, cleans the heat exchanger from leaves, pollen etc.
The purification and filtration functions of the air conditioner include ViroSense Z1 (the filter that guarantees the removal of viruses and bacteria) and AQtiv-Ion which, with an ionization process via an electric field, eliminates the pollutants present in the air. Besides, the new airHome 800 is a connected product: the airCloud GO app allows the remote control from a smartphone and the management of the product also with voice control (Alexa and Google Home). Through the app, for example, the Smart Geo Fence function can be activated (user geolocation to automatically adjust on, off and temperature of the air conditioner according to habits) as well as the Energy Cost Estimator for the consumption monitoring.
Finally, other advanced functions are: Smart Eco (through a motion sensor the appliance detects the presence/absence of people in the environment, regulating the operation to reduce the energy consumption), AutoOff (the system turns off after a certain interval of time), Power Safe (it limits the consumption of the machine in case of simultaneous use with other appliances), LeaveHome Mode (when there are no people in the room for a long time, it prevents the internal temperature from increasing or decreasing excessively) and SafeGuard System which, thanks to a combination of electronic and mechanical elements – such as the anti-corrosion film, the anti-rust paint and the fireproof PCB box -, protects the external unit from extreme climatic events, dust and power surges.


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