Oven burners


Sabaf technology offers advanced solutions for gas ovens, notably improving their performances. Sabaf oven burner introduces a reduction of the ignition and activation times of the safety system never seen before: 1.5 seconds against the customary 5-7 seconds. This result is obtained thanks to the fact that the new burner is the first absolute that mounts an injector-holder that provides for fixed housings for candle and thermocouple. Moreover, candle and thermocouple can be mounted on the injector-holder off-line, thus allowing both an easier assembly and speeding up times on production lines. Their cables are always in the cold zone of the oven and therefore they permit to use single-wire thermocouples and candles without protection sheets against heat, cheaper than those currently used. The burner is available in four lengths (330 mm – 375 mm – 475 mm – 660 mm) and can be assembled in the oven in very short times.