Attention to after-sale services


The attitude of Mecspe for the proposal of specific and tailor-made solutions, edition after edition, is structured in richer and richer way. In the 2014 edition, which will be held from 27th to 29th March at theParma fairgrounds, we will meet again the seven exhibition halls and the special initiatives that will enliven the trade fair. Besides some examples of design and production of tailor-made components and the customization of machines and tools for special machining, Mecspe will give large space to the so-called after sale services that provide for support in training, in tele-diagnostics and in the maintenance of plants and machines, with intervention solutions in production processes able to satisfy the current market needs. The market of after sale services seems to be a relevant market: a survey by M&IT Consulting reports a business value (worldwide) that reaches about 1,500 billion Euros, of which around 500 billions in Europe (amounting to 7% of the GDP). Therefore, today more than ever, the true challenge for companies consists in becoming a service able to take care of customers’ needs, assuring service activities that cover the whole product life, from its installation up to its disposal, providing not only the solutions to the problems met in the course of the working activity but also a preventive maintenance service. The meeting is inParma next spring.