People at the centre


On November 28th and 29th, inBrescia, it will be held the tenth edition of the Convention ASAP Service Management Forum. The theme is “People at the centre in the service world” and the convention aims in fact at giving a central role to people in the service evolution in the durable good world (and not only), meant both as customers and as employees/operators of enterprises, acting as a terminal of technological and organizational innovations. Among the others, a contribution will be given by Domenico De Masi, academic of Sociology at La Sapienza University inRome, one of the most authoritative observers of the socio-economic transformations in our age. In the thematic sessions, through corporate case histories and round tables they will analyze phenomena of technological innovation and of evolution of business models and their impacts at social, strategic and operational level.

Among the treated subjects, there are naturally in-depth studies concerning new technologies, then how social networks and the use of internet in general share in modifying life styles and the interaction with the product-service, but also the potentialities of the e-learning and of the augmented reality to simplify operators’ work and to change the competences required.

They will also go beyond new technologies, wondering how the new business models connected with the “servitization” of manufacturing chains are leveraging on people, both companies’ customers and employees.

The meeting addresses business management, service managers, marketing managers, supply chain responsibles, IT directors and all those who operate in the service divisions of producer, distributor and service companies in the durable good area, both of consumer and of industrial type.