Candy celebrates the 1st million tumble dryer manufactured in the Turkish Renta factory


New milestone achieved by Candy Group: the 1st million tumble dryer has been produced by the company in its plant Renta, based in Turkey. The Renta plant opened in 2009; it took 9 months from groundbreaking to mass production and only 4 years to reach the considerable goal of the 1st million tumble dryer manufactured. The total investment was of € 15 million. The tumble dryer factory was built in the same Group’s site of the Doruk plant for cooking appliances, acquired by Candy Group early 2007. The full industrial complex covers over 56.000 sq m. with 560 total employees and 240 service points. The millionth tumble dryer is a Hoover Dynamic Heat Pump model with AquaVision system, an innovative and patented solution launched by Hoover to collect condensed water.