Zero dust and water for safe connection


A high protection degree of electrical connections, from the household appliance to the automatic dispenser of beverages and coffee, protects from the risks connected with electrical shock, fire or accidental cable tearing. IDF320 is produced by Comestero Sistemi.

Manuela Gioberti

Scheme of the connection patent

The presence of dust, water or unsafe connections can be the cause of electrical shocks and fire. For this reason, a high protection degree of the electrical connection against dust and water, together with the more complete tightness warranty in case of accidental tearing (for instance a person who stumbles into a cable) are important requisites to grant the utmost efficiency of several applications, from the room cleaning appliances to household appliances, from coffee machines and automatic dispensers to medical systems and audio and video appliances. The electrical connection is then the fundamental element on which to focus the attention to avoid this type of risk in several domestic and professional applications. An efficient connection must be able to grant a high connection sealing, especially in presence of dust or water in the environment, or for all those situations where we may fear accidental tearing of the power supply cable. To meet these requirements, Comestero Sistemi Group has developed and patented the electrical IDF320 connector, an innovative, modular, flexible, safe and customizable solution.

Kit IDF320, with anti-interference filter

Modular solution
IDF320, rather than a simple electrical connector, is an innovative connection solution characterized by a cover positioned on the IEC connector or a filter, locked by a pin, which directly hooks to the socket of the cord set, through a special design of the cable itself, allowing complete safety against accidental tears and strong vibrations. When the cable is not on, the cover completely houses the socket, protecting it from dust and sprays. In both cases, both with socket on and off, the IP54 protection degree is assured.

IDF320 Cover + IEC connector
IDF320 Cover + IEC connector

Supply kit
The IDF320 connection system is composed by a kit, which includes a standard IEC320 connector or an EMC filter, locked by a pin, from 1A to 15A and with 125/250 VAC nominal tensions, and a cord set with socket prearranged for the safety coupling with the Cover.
Cover, connector or filter, standard or with a fuse, constitutes the supply kit identified by a single product code. The product versatility is also confirmed by the cord set, available upon demand in all plug versions to be adapted to the use in several international markets.

Customized design of the Cover, with logo
Customized design of the Cover, with logo

User friendliness and customization
The quality and the reliability of this product, VDE certified and made of polycarbonate (PC) material, are characteristics completed by extreme assembling and mounting user-friendliness, which can be provided with screw or snap-in. Besides, it is possible to customize the product graphically, with a special design of the cover including the customer’s logo.

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