Inside the product

Intelligent coding for the control of every detail


Cosberg presents a plant composed by a free-pallet line with different workstations for the assembly of valves and by special robotic equipment for their testing.

Bruna Aleramo

Precision and flexibility
The single workstations of the free-pallet line are dedicated to the feeding, the selection, the orientation and the loading of a part that will compose the valve. They are “universal” stations since they allow managing automatically, without changeovers, the 6 product variants. The free-pallet line is characterized by pallets with intelligent coding.


All under control, even the slightest detail
The plant peculiarity consists in feeding and handling workpieces with small sizes and thin thickness, such as special washers and O-Rings with 3 mm-diameter or leaf springs with 0.1 thickness. The feeding and the orientation of so small and subtle pieces have been made possible by electroresonant feeders with Moxmec piezo-technology and by the CNC-executed selections.
The components that cannot be fed by feeders are loaded by automation systems with collection from trays and handled with Moxmec electrical axes.


Also rejects are smart
Each component, before being mounted on the valve body, must be checked; if an operation is defective, thanks to the smart pallet coding, the piece prosecutes without stopping in other posts and is unloaded into rejects. Rejects are then subdivided according to the error registered for the sampling control in lab and for the piece recovery.

One of the presses
One of the presses.
Robot with vision system.
Robot with vision system.

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