Samsung: new appliances with advanced connectivity and AI


Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, internal cameras, AI chips and compatibility with the SmartThings app, Samsung’s new appliances of the BESPOKE AI series are equipped with advanced features and connectivity for the smart home. In particular, the new AI Hub, a 7-inch LCD display that has been integrated into several products, is intuitive and allows to control the entire connected ecosystem. The AI Hub includes Map View, a feature that provides a complete 3D view of the home, allowing user to easily identifiy all connected appliances and control them. For example, during the laundry it is possible to use the AI Hub of the washing machine to start the robot vacuum cleaner in the living room, without the user having to move from the bathroom. Among the new functions developed by Samsung, there is also Calm Onboarding which allows user to register products purchased with a Samsung account on the company website in the SmartThings app by logging in with the same account. A further theme is data protection: the 4-door refrigerator with AI Family Hub was the first product in the segment to obtain “Diamond” level certification for its IoT security capabilities by UL Solutions. Subsequently, other Family Hub models that apply the same technology and the BESPOKE Jet Bot Combo AI also obtained the same certification.

Samsung presented 14 new products. In particular, now the 4-door refrigerator with AI Family Hub is equipped with AI Vision Inside which uses an internal camera to identify up to 33 fresh foods. The identified foods are listed and managed on the display and can also be controlled on the SmartThings app. BESPOKE Jet Bot Combo AI, instead, is a robot vacuum cleaner and mop with functions enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. The AI intelligent recognition operates in different ways: AI Object Recognition uses the AI Deep Neural Network model and the camera to recognize objects (even difficult to detect such as thin telephone wires), people and pets, while AI Floor Detect “senses” the type of floor to be cleaned and, when the presence of a carpet is detected, the robot vacuum cleaner decides whether to use the wet cloth or leave it at its station to avoid dampening the carpet.
As regards to the energy saving, the F1rst 75 AI combined refrigerator obtained the “A” grade according to the European energy standards, allowing energy consumption to be reduced by 55.9% compared to the traditional model (RL435ERBAS8/EF). Moving on to washing, the new line of washing machines includes various models in class A-10% and A-20% and an A-40% model. In particular, the latter is equipped with Acqua Save technology, which allows user to save energy by inserting water inside the drum and spraying it on the clothes. Still in the field of laundry care, BESPOKE AI Laundry Combo is a washer-dryer with various AI functions, such as the ability to remember users’ periodic and seasonal needs and recommend the optimal cycle for washing. With AI Opti Wash & Dry, the appliance intelligently adjusts the washing and drying performance for each load and detects the weight of the laundry to dispense the ideal amount of water and detergent. It recognizes the fabrics and monitors the level of soiling during the cycle, adding more detergent and varying the wash time when necessary. Besides, it adjusts the drying process based on the weight and type of fabric. At the end of the cycle, users can monitor the amount of energy and water consumed through a report provided by the SmartThings app.
Finally, Samsung has incorporated the generative AI into the home appliances. In particular, this technology will allow Bixby (Samsung’s voice assistant) to understand complex sentences and hold conversations (for example the user, by simply saying “the living room is humid”, can be helped to solve the problem).

The commitment to sustainability
There are numerous initiatives implemented by Samsung to promote sustainability. For example, with SmartThings Energy it is possible to monitor and control the amount of energy consumed by the company’s connected devices. Furthermore, in the near future, Samsung plans to launch the new Samsung Rewards, to reward users who save a certain amount of energy using the AI Energy mode. To reduce the frequency of replacing the household appliances, the Smart Forward service provides regular software updates for the BESPOKE devices. The company then activated various collaborations (for example with Southern Company, British Gas etc.) to implement solutions that lead to tangible reductions in energy use and carbon emissions. A further commitment concerns the extension of the product life cycle, the conservation of resources and the recycling. For example, the AI Hybrid Cooling solution incorporates the new high-power “Peltier” thermoelectric components in addition to the compressor, improving cooling efficiency and performance, and the low-maintenance filters for air purifiers eliminate the need for purchase or replace filters.
As for materials, Samsung aims to apply recycled resin to 50% of the plastic components by 2030 and to all plastic components by 2050. Finally, the company is committed to obtaining certifications to guarantee the safety of the appliances, including the RFR (Reduction Fire Risk) certification for the new products.