Extreme flexibility and high performances


The multi-gas burner can be advantageously installed on household appliances (cookers and ovens) that use different fuel types, integrating high safety performances and great adaptability of power and sizes.

Sabrina Goliardi

In a survey of the production of cooker and oven burners that comes to terms with 21 gas types, different sizes by depth and width, several accesses to delivery ramps and various assembly systems, one of the requirements most felt by sector players is the identification of performing and integrated solutions that can be used with utmost user friendliness and safety. CastFutura focuses on the implementation of modular and adaptable products, from standard to tubular to stamped burners: the multi-gas Slim burner, in particular, is emblematic of this research in course of highly performing extreme flexibility.

The multi-gas Slim burner, born as evolution of the tubular burner, like all the products of the CastFutura range, can be used for free standing cookers and built-in ovens in the oven and grill versions, with a range that goes from 1.8 to 5 kW for a power regulation featuring the 5:1 ratio. Sizes vary from 50×50 to 90×60 cm, with straight or 90°-bent versions and variable pressures from 6 to 50 mbar as support of the three base gas families. The supplied sizes are over fifty, from 150 to 720 mm, with all intermediate dimensions.

Detail of tubular burner with deflector.
Detail of tubular burner with deflector.

The complete kit of fixing elements makes the Slim burner extremely flexible and easily adapted to all types of oven cavities, while the body sizing and the orientation of flames and deflectors allow obtaining good temperature uniformity, particularly useful in the cases in which the presence of a cooking fan is not provided.

The capacity of operating with different gas types, the opportune sizing of elements and of surfaces protect the device from the functioning discontinuities, grant the optimal flame ignition (flame lift) and prevent from the risks of backfiring, in comparison with tubular burner models.

Slim burner with deflector.
Slim burner with deflector.

As it happens for all CastFutura burners, also the Slim model is supplied together with key components that enhance its benefits. The self-aligning injector holder, for instance, assures optimal combustion rates, irrespective of the assembly accuracy, as well as the fixing clips of the thermocouple and of the electrode make the positioning fast and precise.

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