Developed production in Italy


HA_EMBRACOEmbraco, specialized in the production of hermetic compressors for refrigeration, within 2015 will invest to develop the production line of the Fullmotion technology of Riva factory at Chieri, Turin. The decision is part of a wider strategy that provides for the global expansion, by about 140%, of the production of such technology and that will lead to the increase of the productive capacity in China, too. According to the company, this strategy will quickly assure an answer to all customers’ requirements, strengthening the presence of Embraco in Europe and in Asia and assuring a global competitiveness. The investment in the Italian factory is the company’s first step towards the world expansion of Embraco compressors with Fullmotion technology. The production of these compressors in Italy will allow granting a wider range of technological options, permitting refrigerator producers to satisfy the market’s demand for more and more efficient solutions with a low environmental impact. Besides Italy, also Embraco in China, which already manufactures these compressors, will enhance its production capacity.

“We have decided to develop this production line in Italy because we realize that our Country is in a strategic position, useful for our customers in Europe”, explains Giuseppe Daresta, Managing Director of Embraco Italia. “That operation will grant us a higher availability of this technology, highly demanded by the market, and consequently an efficiency rise of our customers’ products”. This investment occurs in a particular time for Italy, which still suffers from the international economic crisis. Embraco believes that this innovation can be stimulating for the Country, partly contributing also in the economic recovery of Italy and in the increase of the industrial competitiveness inside the European Union. “We are aware of the role that we can play in contributing in the employment growth and in consolidating the local economy”, comments Giuseppe Daresta. “Besides, offering solutions for a better life quality through more and more efficient products and with lower energy consumptions is part of our mission”.