Indian cuisine, European style


An attentive analysis of the type of foods used, of the materials of dishes and of the typology of people who work in kitchens has allowed the design and the manufacturing of a burner “tailor-studied” for India.

Bruna Aleramo

Cooking in India
With its extension and its high number of inhabitants – it is the second Country in the world by population – weHA06_ITP_SABAF_APE cannot expect that India has a single cooking typology on the whole territory. As a matter of fact, in the North, they prevailingly cook on standard stoves, in the Southern areas there is more bent for innovation, at East there are no specific trends and the market is rural; at West habits are more similar to Western world’s. The containers used in Indian cuisine are generally made of steel, aluminium, mud and clay; cast iron is very rarely used. The bottom is often curved, like in woks, and grids are not indispensable. Concerning instead the type of food, it is very frequent that it pours out, then stable and strong flames, with resistant burners, are necessary.

Requested requisites
– Correct heat distribution
– Easy assembly
– High efficiency
– Reduced gas consumptions
– Good resistance to filth and wear
– “Error-free” products


The characteristics of the 4 DF series
The burner Series 4 DF by Sabaf, distributed on the Indian market, was conceived on the basis of all this reasoning. It is equipped with two single-inlet burners with two flame rings with powers of 1.7 and 2.5 kW, in order to grant the uniform heat distribution. The drilled flame spreader cover allows a direct radiance of the pot bottom and then very high efficiencies, with relevant output and very low CO emissions. This version features a single (for both powers) open cup, where the primary air is then taken from under or around the top, as it typically occurs in supporting tops widespread in the Indian market.
– It satisfies the Indian cooking requirements, matching them with the European style
– 70% efficiency, exceeding the one of other built-in cooking hobs
– Halved emissions in comparison with other burners on the Indian market
– Enamelled steel or brass burner.
– 1.7 KW-2. 5 KW consumptions
– Sizes – Ø85 mm small – Ø100 mm medium
– Equal ignition time as European style burners
– Available safety thermocouple device

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