The “PLC Forum Made in Italy” certification mark is born


PLC Forum, an Italian association dedicated to the automation industry, has created the “PLC Forum Made in Italy” certification mark to certify the origin of the Italian companies and products in the sector of the industrial automation and electronics, fighting the counterfeiting. This mark is applicable to the entire company or to a single product, ensuring that the production is entirely made in Italy, that the various components are produced on the Italian territory and that the products comply with the rules. To obtain the mark, the manufacturer has to follow a simple procedure: he will have to self-certify its company or its product through the online site (; then, there will be a check by a qualified team who will carry out audits to prove the authenticity of the statements. The validation will be notified via e-mail after obtaining a positive result of the checks or the closure of any recorded non-compliance. During the period of the mark ownership, some audits can be carried out, in order to monitor the continuous fulfillment of the requirements.