Organic shapes for coffee


HA08_ELETTROTo the squared shapes and to the sober colours that are typical of the machines for making the bar coffee, Fluid opposes smooth shapes and a lively red that adopts also in professional appliances the typical design care of domestic espresso machines. Ironic also the control system, hyper-simplified and synthesized by a single switching on/off button. It is the project by Nicolò Orlandi, student of Brera Academy, in Milan, who took part, ranking among the winners, in the 1st Workshop Cimbali DesignArt. The Academy students have been requested to reinterpret, ranging from arts to design, the professional espresso machine and to imagine its possible evolution. The motivation of the choice of Fluid design is “the capability of imagining and developing a possible alternative to the current design standards, without neglecting the constraints imposed by the feasibility in industrial terms”.