Training courses on 3D printing


new shutterstock_182954159Tecniche Nuove Formazione is organizing in Milan some courses on 3D printing, dedicated to those who need an introductory training on the subject and to professionals who already know this innovative technology. Among the topics covered, there will be the history of 3D printing, the available technologies for the construction of objects, the process of rapid prototyping. Participants will also analyze the market prospects and the applications in various sectors (consolidated industries and emerging niches).
Among the topics presented in the advanced courses, participants will learn what materials are used for the industrial rapid prototyping, their characteristics and professional uses.
Below the courses calendar: for more information, click here

INTRODUCTIVE COURSES: teacher Simone Majocchi

3D printing: is it for me?shutterstock_193077371
March 14th 2015 – 8 hours

The process of 3D printing: from concept to finishing
April 17th-18th 2015 – 16 hours

ADVANCED COURSES: teacher Werner Stefano Villa

3D printing: industrial prototyping – workflow
March 14th 2015 – 8 hours

Materials and technologies for professional 3D printingshutterstock_184612538
April 18th 2015 – 8 hours

Design of the model for 3D printing
May 15th-16th 2015 – 16 hours

From the bit to the atom: slicing and 3D printing of professional models
June 13th 2015 – 8 hours

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