Ovens, hobs and hoods: the opinion of Ceced about ecodesign


oven hoodNew ecodesign and energy label requirements for domestic ovens, hobs and hoods have just been introduced. According to Ceced (European committee of domestic equipment manufacturers), producers of these products are supportive because: the measures have been designed to reduce energy consumption without compromising product performance; the ecodesign regulation has been created to increase the overall energy efficiency of products while keeping the cost for consumers at a minimum (purchase price + price of energy used over the life of the product); the energy labels for ovens and hoods will quickly allow consumers to identify the most efficient appliances; and the energy label, which now is also available online, encourages consumers to buy more energy efficient products. But Ceced expresses caution for the future. “So far – commented Paolo Falcioni, Ceced director general – ecodesign and the energy label have left room for innovation and competition. However the European Commission should resist the temptation to ‘overcook’ ecodesign. For example, regulating components inside products already covered by ecodesign regulations will not deliver substantial energy savings and will be costly for industry and consumers. Future policy on energy efficiency of household appliances should refrain from intruding into the minutiae of product design, but rather focus on the essential and ensure that consumers can identify the most efficient appliances”.