Hong Kong: exports of household appliances down 5%


hktdc logoAs reported by HKTDC Research, Hong Kong’s total exports of household electrical appliances decreased by 5% in 2014 compared to the previous year (from HK$ 20,179 million in 2013 to HK$ 19,240 million in 2014). Although exports of major items like household lighting products and thermic domestic appliances expanded, sales of hair dressing/hand drying apparatus and food grinders/mixers declined in the period. The US, EU and Japan were the largest export markets, together constituting about two-thirds of Hong Kong’s total exports of household electrical appliances. While exports to the US rebounded last year compared to the previous year, sales to the EU were stagnant. Exports to Japan declined in the period.
As regards to the different products, household electrical appliances carrying a single function are much sought after in western markets. These include heating-based products, like coffee/tea makers and toasters; and motor-based appliances such as food choppers, blenders and juice-extractors. To enhance user friendliness, some wired appliances have evolved into wireless versions powered by charged batteries, including wireless coffee makers, electric irons and vacuum cleaners. As indicated by HKTDC Research, along with the growing concern on environmental protection, provision of environmentally appealing electrical appliances which comply with, for instance, European or North American eco-labelling and energy-saving schemes, is becoming a competitive edge of Hong Kong exporters of household electrical appliances. In addition, the industry has continued to focus on Internet application and networking technology to develop the smart appliances. Yet small appliances of novelty design will not obsolete in the medium term, thanks to a stable demand in the market. Design, quality and environmental features, in addition to price, are the selling points for such items.

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