Whirlpool: new plan for Italy


WHIRLPOOL-CORPORATION-LOGO1108-1y-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1380898305MR1As reported by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Whirlpool has presented to the Ministry for Economic Development a new industrial plan for Italy. In particular, the plant of Carinaro (Caserta) will not close and focus on activities related to spare parts and accessories for the EMEA area. The company will invest 8 million euro for the plant near Caserta. Whirlpool has also confirmed the investment of 513 million euro in addition to the 30 million already set. Besides, Italy will be a center of excellence for the EMEA region and will concentrate 75% of investments in research and development (90 million euro per year). In addition, the Italian structure will be strengthened in terms of volumes with the return of 650,000 pieces from Turkey, China and Poland.