Coffee in evolution


Last June 15th, in the Expo context, they awarded the winners of the first edition of Esteco-illycaffè Design Competition. The competition, launched in April HA_NL_30_6_ILLYaddressed the students of engineering, physics and chemistry worldwide. Participants were asked to design an innovative water pressurization system for a coffee machine with low energy consumption. The Trieste team focused on the optimization of an asynchronous electric motor used in a mobile-vane rotary displacement pump. The optimal parameter configuration was identified by integrating the optimization modeFRONTIER platform with FEMM, software used for the finite element analysis in electromagnetic ambit. According to the Commission entrusted with judging the validity of the submitted proposals, the project provides for further researches and thorough analyses that might lead to the production of an innovative high energy efficiency pump with low acoustic impact that might constitute an alternative compared to standard diaphragm pumps”.