The long wave of Expo


Visiting Expo is certainly a way to make a spectacular “World Tour”. But it is also the way, more practically, to discover Milan and Lombardy. Among the cities that are reaping this precious opportunity there is Brescia, and among the companies that have understood the potential of this event there is Sabaf, one of the local businesses that have shared in making Brescia a discovery both for visitors and the local public. Sabaf is in fact one of the companies that has decided to support the activities promoted by AIB – Associazione Industriale Bresciana (Brescia Industrial Association) aimed at creating a sort of “Outside – Expo” in Brescia, too. The venue chosen for hosting the activities of BREND (that is to say Brescia New Directions) is Martinengo Colleoni Palace, authentic symbol of the city history that dates back to the Roman age and that becomes for Expo the place of the exchange among Brescia companies and the 144 “participant” Countries with which AIB has established an intense dialogue starting from May 2013. BREND intends to be a further piece of the integrated operation “Sistema Brescia per EXPO 2015” (Brescia system for EXPO 2015) together with the dedicated days inside Italy Hall and the important contribution in the implementation of the Life Tree, undisputed symbol and protagonist of the photos of all visitors of the Milanese exhibition. The scheduled meetings will cover the entire exhibition period and Sabaf has chosen, together with numerous other local companies, to sponsor a part of this intense event programme.HA_NL_30_6_SABAF