Whirlpool: agreement has been signed for the integration of Indesit


accordo whirlpoolAs communicated by the company, the pre-agreement on Whirlpool Corporation-Indesit Italy Industrial Plan 2015-2018 was signed at the Ministry of Economic Development. Whirlpool confirmed its long-term commitment in Italy, planning to invest more than 500 million Euros into processes, products and research & development during the next four years. Whirlpool will also implement sustainable solutions for each of its sites, which will serve to strengthen its industrial presence and minimize the impact on jobs. Each plant will be dedicated to a specific product platform and committed to a plan for long-term sustainable growth. In some locations this growth may include in-sourcing of production from other countries and added manufacturing capacity. The plan reinforces Italy’s role as a eesearch and development (R&D) center of excellence, attracting 75% percent of Whirlpool EMEA’s R&D spending. Finally, two administrative offices in Lombardy and in Marche, will be maintained.
Additionally, the pre-agreement on the planned incentives, and safety nets to minimize social impact, has been signed together with Unions. Remaining excess headcount will be managed in all plants via flexible cushioning systems that facilitate worker exits by means of incentivized voluntary mobility, early retirement or favoring transfers to other branches of the Group. The pre-agreements’ texts will be submitted to a referendum by the Unions in all the Italian offices and plants of the Group for the employees’ final approval. “During the final round of negotiations – the company has explained in a official note – all of the points previously agreed upon were confirmed, so that the final agreement was signed. In this, the solution suggested for Carinaro, assigning the site a high value-adding activity, and the tools to minimize social impact were instrumental”.