Low torque bearings


HA07_P&C_NSKNSK, thanks to various improvements for the design and the production of bearings, has implemented a range of high-efficiency rigid radial ball bearings for household appliances, able to grant a torque reduction up to 47% compared to conventional bearings of the same size. In this way, they increase efficiency and they reduce energy consumptions.

Besides developing various aspects of the material technology and tribology, NSK has improved the steel purity to obtain a much longer fatigue life. Besides, they have taken further steps forwards in the heat treatment process, which grants excellent features of hardness and resistance to wear; thanks to these properties, the latest bearings offer higher performances and reliability.

Concerning the bearing manufacturing, NSK has improved the geometry and the surface finishing of the rolling track of ball bearings. These improvements reduce the internal friction that in its turn decreases energy consumptions, the operation noise, the generation of heat and wear. Further improvements in lubrication and in the sealing properties of NSK bearings complete all that.

Thanks to the constant research about the greases used to lubricate bearings, NSK has developed products that offer a perfect balance between the friction reduction and the long-term reliability.