Sensor interface for measuring systems


HA08_P&C_HEXAGONHexagon Metrology proposes the universal sensor interface Senmatiq for very high precision Leitz coordinate measuring machines. Designed to facilitate the programming while maximising operation times and machine productivity, the Senmatiq interface is directly integrated into the column of the CMM and uses a mechanic system to mount the sensor in unmanned modality. An integrated system for the probe identification immediately recognizes the sensor and checks its status, therefore it is not necessary to calibrate again at any sensor change operation. The data detected by each sensor are stored in the same software session, therefore users can have a complete survey of the part under machining, always using the best available sensor for the measurement in course.

Senmatiq is based on a universal and smart sensor switching module that allows accepting all most common sensor types, including analogue scanning, optical and vision ones. The interface system allows also integrating further sensors easily, offering an agile solution that remains topical for several years, with which to face the challenges issued by the most complex measurements using a single CMM.