The secret of the success


HA_NL_RSWhat differentiates an innovative distributor from a traditional one? RS Components, reference multinational partner in the distribution of Electronic, Electrical and Industrial Components has clear ideas about that: it must have a broad offer, a wide stock availability to be managed flexibly without imposing a minimum order to customers, operate in advanced manner with the net and it must assure prompt delivery terms. With its catalogue of 500,000 products, all supplied by leader market companies and an organization that can rely on a good 17 warehouses, RS components ranks by full right in the category of realities that have made innovation their flagship, coupled with the British reliability that derives from its Londoner origins. These reasons have motivated the choice of the United Kingdom hall at Expo as space to display a set of innovative realities in whose success RS components has contributed with its products.

The meeting, entitled “Examples of Smart Ups and Smart Solutions: market, customers and suppliers in comparison” saw then the alternation of speeches aimed at outlining future situations and trends – like the one by Angela Tumino, researcher by the Observatory Internet of Things of Milan Polytechnics – and by others, telling the experiences of various innovative start-ups. Speeches that have made “tangible” (as well as fascinating) the support that technology can provide in still unexplored ambits featuring, however, very interesting potentialities.

An example? The smart labels that manage to provide consumers with various information about the product where they are applied, from the provenience to the composition and use instructions. They are an idea by Viveat to free consumers from the task of having an app for each store and to grant a useful instrument against counterfeiting to producers.

It dialogues with consumers Tailoradio, too, a “tailor-made” system that, starting from the radio, is oriented to proposing a real sensorial course inside the store to customers, leading and guiding them with music, images and fragrances. Knowing and analysing consumers’ behaviour is also the target of Measurence, which aims at supporting retailers supplying them with the feedback of their experiences in stores; experience that will be detected by sensors that record customers’ interaction with the store through their smartphone. Technologies that are made available thanks to the products by Microchip, too, which in fact, due to the nature of its goods, works intensively with innovative start-ups.

Different scenario, but the same innovative energy, by Wasp, which operates in the field of 3D printers. Small-size objects and handy instruments? Certainly, but not only. The feather in the cap of Wasp is the 12-metre BigDelta, a 3D printer devised to build clay constructions for the Countries that will need low-cost dwellings built according to 0 Km concepts; it is not fortuitous that Wasp is acronym of World’s Advanced Saving Project.

The thread that connects these experiences is the quality of RS Components products. Besides, if Garner’s forecasts are correct, within 2017, 50% of IoT solutions will come from start-ups, we will witness the multiplication of these experiences and we will always follow them attentively.