Ten years of success


4For every successful enterprise, there is someone who in the past has made a bold decision.
Today Cassioli Group is one of the most important players in the industrial automation and can provide global solutions for the production and storage of electric appliances.
Considering careful analysis of market trends in Eastern Europe and the choice of corporations to move production in these areas, Cassioli Group created Cassioli Polska in 2005. Since that moment Cassioli has tried to be as close as possible to customers, anticipating and satisfying their needs.
After an initial phase of internal organization, Poland has become a center of production completely independent and the company has significantly expanded its customer portfolio in Eastern Europe. Today Cassioli Polska with its 60 employees, is a strategic point for the group, capable of playing a key role in ensuring high standards of product and service to customers that have manufacturing facilities across the Eastern European front.
Today, 10 years later, Cassioli can be satisfied: the challenge was won and, above all, a period of great work is starting, thanks to Eastern European market, the market with the greatest growth potential worldwide.