The future is in 3D


Robot giving his handTechnology Hub, the professional event of innovative technologies for the future organized by Senaf, scheduled at fieramilanocity 7 to 9 june 2016, created to bring together the business community with the suppliers of new technologies, will devote great attention to the field of 3d printing , in two specific areas: 3Dprint hub and Additive Manufacturing Hub.

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet the producers of technologies, materials and solutions for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing, and all the latest innovations in terms of equipment, materials and services for 3D printing, prototyping and rapid production.

Multiple fields of application presented: from aerospace, architecture, furnishings, art, construction and marine, through the medical, dental, and the cosmetics, toys, motorsport and mechanics, up to the automotive, fashion, footwear and jewellery worlds.

Developed in demonstration areas, workshops, conferences, case histories and technical presentations, technology hub includes, in addition to 3Dprint hub and Additive Manufacturing Hub, also areas robot hub material hub, hub drones, electronics and IoT hub.