“Hidden” internal cam hinge by Faringosi Hinges


Cerniera camma internaSabaf, through its subsidiary Faringosi Hinges, designs and manufactures hinges for household appliances. In particular, the “hidden” internal cam hinge is suitable for ovens. In order to improve the aesthetic of these appliances, by reducing the number of visible details, a hinge with an “invisible” internal cam has been developed. It allows reducing the dimensions of the slots on the front and on the oven door, without sacrificing the advantages of hinges with a (visible) external cam: distribution of the door weight on three points, thus increasing resistance to the static load test; smooth movement of the door both during the opening and the closing movement; possibility to choose the position of the grill stop; more flexible use (the same hinge can be used on several doors with different weights); and possibility to pass the dynamic test. The internal cam hinges are available in the versions for doors weighing up to 13 kg, and from 13 kg to 20 kg.