A new robot designed to mop hard floor surfaces


irobot braava-jettm-wood-floor-2-HRiRobot has grown its consumer product lineup with Braava jet Mopping Robot, designed to mop hard floor surfaces with high amounts of traffic such as kitchen and bathroom. The product presents a compact design and is equipped with Vibrating Cleaning Head, Precision Jet Spray and Braava jet Cleaning Pads to lift dirt and stains, even in hard-to-reach places, like under kitchen cabinets and around toilets. “Braava jet – the company explains – works with Braava jet Cleaning Pads to tackle a range of hard floor cleaning jobs, from wet mopping and damp sweeping to simple dusting. The wet mopping and damp sweeping pads, which contain a water-activated cleaning agent, leave a fresh, clean scent. Braava jet is also simple to use: just attach the desired Braava jet Cleaning Pad and press the Clean button”. The robot will automatically determine its cleaning action based on the pad chosen. Moving in an efficient pattern, Braava jet deftly maneuvers around obstacles in its path and cleans along furniture, walls, and fixtures. Besides, to keep Braava jet from entering unwanted areas, such as an adjacent room without a door or a carpeted area, users can create an invisible boundary with Virtual Wall Mode. When Braava jet is finished cleaning, users don’t have to worry about touching the dirty cleaning pads. It’s simply necessary to place the robot over a waste basket and hit the eject button to drop the pad into the trash. “iRobot is focused on significant growth opportunities in the consumer robotic technology market – said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot -. To capitalize, we will continue to diversify our home robot offerings, identifying new product categories ripe for growth and exploring other opportunities within the connected home. We are excited to bring Braava jet to market, a robot that addresses yet another important customer cleaning need”.