Italy: growing interest in the smart home


smart homeAccording to the data released by the Internet of Things Observatory, realized by the School of Management – Polytechnic of Milan, the IoT market in Italy has reached 2 billion euros at the end of 2015, an increase of 30% compared to 2014. In parallel, also the interest in the smart home is growing: according to a survey conducted on about 1,000 Italian consumers in collaboration with Doxa, 79% of respondents are willing to buy products for the smart home, 33% more than the previous year, a clear signal of interest. The survey reveals that one consumer out of five has already at least one smart object at home. Considering those who want to buy a product, 25% of these consumers will do it within 12 months. The Observatory has identified three clusters of users who differ in the knowledge of the smart home: the conservatives (45% already know the smart home), the users (60%) and technophiles (75%). Conservatives and users prefer applications for the energy saving and security, technophiles are mainly interested in the comfort and well-being applications. Not only the interest in the products is increasing, but also the interest in the services for the smart home (72% of consumers are willing to buy such services).