Asap: the future belongs to the smart services


asap-convegnoThe XIII Asap Service Management Forum was recently held at the Villa Reale in Monza (Italy) in collaboration with Accademia+ and the SAP Italia’s network (Espedia and ICM.S). More than 100 executives and managers took part in the event during which the speakers discussed about the digital innovation of product, service and business. Nicola Saccani, Asap SMF coordinator, opened the conference, saying that the digital revolution offers an opportunity for cooperation between universities and enterprises in order to develop innovation. Carla Masperi (SAP) agrees but highlighted that the digital world also generates difficulties that university and companies have to solve together. In addition, Francesco Grillo proposed a provocative reflection: the digital revolution is actually happening? Some data indicate a positive response, although the growth that should accompany a revolution of this kind has not yet been seen. Probably we are still at the beginning. According to Barbara Cominelli of Vodafone, the key element in this transformation is represented by the customers, more and more connected today. The customer’s propensity to the digital innovation is a great opportunity for the companies: the intelligent use of the information will allow to develop a range of new services that will be able to provide exactly the experience that the customer requires, when he needs it. This is also true in the B2B world: Jukka Salmikuukka of Kone showed how the digitization has changed the concept of traditional products like elevators that are now able to provide new smart services. Finally, Marco Artioli, managing director of Espedia Consulting, presented some case studies. Industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Enterprises are known today in many companies but there are few implementations in the reality. One more time, this situation is an opportunity. Then, the discussion between participants and speakers took place. Enzo Argante (Accademia+) has moderate it and some key aspects of the ongoing transformation have been discussed: in particular the training of the human resources. In the afternoon, a round table was held, moderated by Mario Rapaccini (University of Florence): the theme was the innovation management in the companies. The participants were: Lucia Chierchia (Electrolux), Luca Pagetti (Banca Intesa San Paolo), Cristina Tomassini (Engie), Luca Sacchi (Piaggio), Paolo Carri (Scania Italia) and Andrea Stella (Espedia). In particular, Lucia Chierchia explained the concepts and the key elements that define the new paradigm of open innovation. The event ended with the Asap Assembly.