A triumph of colors in the new Smeg cookers


smeg-portofinoThe new Smeg cookers are inspired by the colors of Portofino, famous Italian location. Green, red, yellow, orange, anthracite, white and black are the colors chosen by the brand. In addition to the design, these products are characterized by the maxi cavity of the oven (126 liters), Isothermic Proof. This new cavity, with rounded corners and smooth and uniform sides, guarantees maximum thermal insulation, ensuring the A+ class for the energy efficiency and a reduction of up to 50% of the preheating period compared to a traditional oven. The oven is equipped with 3 fans that make the cooking homogeneous, allowing to cook evenly on all levels like in the professional cookers. Besides, the appliance is equipped with LCD display, 20 automatic cooking programs and Soft Close door. The Portofino cooker is available in the multifunction version with Vapor clean function, in the multifunction pyrolytic version with gas hob and in the pyrolytic version with induction hob.


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