3DPrinting technologies at Technology Hub


sw2The optimal use of 3DPrinting technologies in a company means the ability to design in 3D the requested object. Designer and creatives should know and control very well the software solutions that allow to construct the mathematical model of the object, starting from the beginning of the design process, or extracting it from an existing object using the reverse engineering procedures. For those reasons, during Technology Hub (April 20th-22nd, 2017, Milan, fiermailanocity) the area “Planning for 3DPrinting” will be organized, a real informative and demonstrative platform, that will give the participants a wide and qualified program in term of contents and live activities.

sw1What does already exist? What are the future needs? What does the market request?
In “Planning for 3DPrinting”, thematic focus areas dedicated to the various stages of design and relative software will be presented:
– scan and reverse engineering
– modeling
– conversion
– slicing
– printing management
The sectors in which digital production is changing the way to design and realize things will be presented in a vertical way. For each day will be identified a key case history related to the reference field. On the first day all speeches will be related to industrial design, on the second day the issue will be jewelry and on the third day the focus will be on dental sector.

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