IEMCA dedicates an emotional trailer to Paradisi


IEMCA, a company that produces automatic bar feeders, has dedicated an emotional video to the company Parasidi (Jesi, Italy), indicating it among its success cases. Recently the IEMCA management visited Paradisi, enterprise that realizes turned components and has been using IEMCA’s automatic bar feeders for several years. “It was not a simple exchange of pleasantries between supplier and customer – the Paradisi company said in a official note – but a real sharing of philosophy and values ​​between two companies that make the innovation a constant of their activity”. For this reason, IEMCA decided to include Paradisi among its success cases along with industrial companies located in the United States, Brazil, China. The emotional trailer, realized by a IEMCA troupe inside the plant in Jesi, tells with evocative images the Paradisi company. “It was an appreciated recognition, realized by a big enterprise that is a leader and reference point in the world”, commented the Paradisi company.
To watch the emotional trailer, click here.