Candy Group: revenues over one billion euro

Beppe Fumagalli, CEO of Candy Group.

In 2016, Candy Group achieved consolidated revenues of 1.035 billion euro, +10% compared to 2015. The success is homogeneous in all major reference markets and for all product divisions: the increase in the market share in Europe is around 20%. Consolidated EBIT amounted to over 48 million euros (+87% vs. 2015). Besides, as regards to the corporate news, Maurizio and Silvano Fumagalli and Eden Fumagalli’s heirs overall leaved 40% of the holding shares to Beppe and Aldo Fumagalli, who now have 90% of the holding capital, in equal parts between themselves. Maurizio Fumagalli, Silvano Fumagalli and Eden Fumagalli’s heirs (Chiara De Vizzi and Giulia Fumagalli) had no operational roles in the company: the management of the Group – says a company’s official note – continues in full continuity. Silvano Fumagalli remains member of Candy S.p.A.’s Board of Directors. “The transfer of Candy S.p.A. shares within our families is in total continuity with the past and allows us to strengthen Candy Group’s governance in view of the important challenges ahead – said Beppe Fumagalli, CEO of Candy Group. Our 2017-2019 business plan, which includes over 100 million euro in investments, aims to achieve a consolidated turnover of 2 billion euro over the next five years, a target for which we need the commitment of all: shareholders and corporate structures”.