The kitchen simplifying consumer’s life

Sabaf burners.
Sabaf burners.

Technology helps simplify consumer’s life and this is also visible in the kitchen. If we think of the hob, the cooking operations can be quick, accurate and efficient with innovative components. For example, Sabaf invests around 3% of its turnover in research to create particularly efficient burners. If the European regulation requires the gas hobs to achieve 52% energy efficiency, Sabaf can guarantee efficiency equal to 68% (16% more than the standard). This means that cooking the food or boiling the water takes less time, without waste of energy. In addition, with the new InSinkErator J-Shape dispenser it is possible to get hot water (98°) instantly: the consumer doesn’t have to wait for the boiling water to cook pasta, but instantly the water is ready to use, reducing the preparation time. Time is not only gained in realizing a recipe or a beverage, but also in the following steps. The AntiPrint coating of the SieMatic’s Pure 2017 kitchen, for example, avoids that the consumer has to clean the fingerprints from the kitchen surface. Finally, with the InSinkErator’s Evolution 250 garbage disposal, the food waste is easily eliminated in the sink.


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