Experimental collection of small household appliances


Ecodom, Amsa and Coop Lombardy have inaugurated in Milan an experimental collection of small electrical and electronic appliances that are no longer in use. The initiative is part of the European “CRM (Critical Raw Material) Closed Loop Recovery” project, aimed to increase the critical raw materials recovery from WEEE, promoted by WRAP with the LIFE contribution of the European Community and the partnership with Ecodom, a consortium operating In Italy in the WEEE management. By using special bins, the Milanese citizens will be able to dispose of their small household appliances directly at the supermarket. The bins will be placed until December 2017 at two COOP stores. “This project was born to experiment with new methods for collecting small WEEE from Milanese citizens – said Giorgio Arienti, general director of Ecodom – and thus verify the possibility of increasing by 5% the collection of gold, silver, cobalt, graphite and Platinum from these appliances. The collaboration of partners such as COOP Lombardy and AMSA demonstrates the growing focus in our country on the Circular Economy: the recovery of these materials, present in nature only in some countries, is considered a priority for maintaining and improving the life quality of all”.


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