Candy Group invests in virtual reality


Candy Group launches an innovative marketing and communications strategy based on the use of the virtual reality. This technology was tried by the Group for the first time at IFA 2017 in order to showcase the Hoover’s Kitchen of the Future, allowing users a 360-degree engagement with an immersive experience. At the Candy Group booth, 4 experiential areas dedicated to the Hoover products have been set up in which over 600 people have been able to enjoy a “taste” of the future. Wearing the VIVE viewer, the user was able to discover the potential of the connected products through the virtual reality. The virtual experience has also been a useful tool for the internal training of managers and sellers. After IFA, Candy Group intends to focus on this technology by expanding the scope of application, from R&D to the showrooms. Finally, the VR requires a specific know how and for this reason the Candy Group has collaborated with Bonsaininja studio.


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