Siemens: dryers with self-cleaning condenser

Dryer Siemens Series iQ800 mod. WT48Y7W9II.

Siemens has equipped the iQ700 and iQ800 series heat pump tumble dryers with the self-cleaning condenser and sensor technology, managed by the intelligent iSensoric operating center. Thanks to the self-cleaning system with sensors, the condenser automatically cleans itself every time the dryer is activated, using the condensation generated by the water contained in the fabrics. The self-cleaning action, repeated several times during the drying cycle, prevents the lints accumulation inside the condenser. Besides, these tumble dryers guarantee high performances thanks to the innovative heat pumps with refrigerating system, made powerful and efficient by the combined action of cold (which condenses the water particles dispersed in the air) and heat (which dries the water contained in the fabrics). Finally, among the most advanced features there is the autoDry technology which, thanks to the humidity and temperature sensors, saves time and energy. The dryer switches off once the desired degree of drying has been reached, even if the selected program has not yet finished. This function avoids the shrinking of the garments, keeping the fabrics soft.