WebRatio and Claind together for the IoT


WebRatio (global player for IoT services) and Claind (company operating in the production of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air generators) have signed an agreement for the production of a machines range that will deliver smart services. WebRatio produces Semioty, the IoT application that allows manufacturers of machines, production systems and equipment to add smart services to their products, such as monitoring via web, predictive maintenance and remote assistance. These services are provided through operational web dashboards or applications for smartphones and tablets that are made available to both users of production assets and the manufacturer ecosystem that performs installation, service or maintenance. Semioty will be integrated with the Claind products and will realize the Claind4You offer, which will allow a better interaction between users and machine thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. The customer will be able to monitor the generator and the operating parameters in real time, and will receive automatic reports with historical data for quality checks. Maintenance activities will be constantly monitored and the remote assistance will be simplified and made more effective.