Smeg presents the wine coolers with SmegConnect


Smeg’s new connected wine coolers incorporate advanced technologies for the correct preservation and ageing of wines. “The materials used in these appliances – the company explains – have been developed through extensive research, in partnership with top sommeliers who helped us create a range of products which are peerless in their technical specifications and level of quality. Manufactured entirely in Italy, SmegConnect wine coolers are the product of the know-how and attention to detail that only an Italian company with extensive experience at the head of the field can guarantee”. With SmegConnect, managing and controlling the preservation of the wines is intuitive thanks to the digital touch control display located on the outer glass, or via a mobile device. Besides, thanks to partnerships with Tannico – important Italian wine shop – and the Italian cookbook “The Silver Spoon”, original content from the world of wine and food is available and can be customised to the user’s tastes to offer the perfect combination of wines and food. The consumer can manage the archive of his favourite wines, view which wines and how many bottles are stored in the wine cooler at any time, and store those the consumer has already drunk with a rating for each. Wines suggested by Smeg or brought up via searches in the various archives can be purchased immediately through the partnership with Tannico. In addition, the user can quickly and easily share his wine list on social media, via Facebook, Whatsapp and/or email, as well as recipes and shopping lists for ingredients. Finally, the interface is simple and immediate thanks to the support of a Personal assistant to provide help in navigating the app and using the connected appliances, and Direct assistance which offers useful answers to the most common questions and preferential access to Smeg customer service. SmegConnect currently works with wine coolers and will soon operate with ovens and dishwashers, but in the future it will also be able to control other intelligent domestic appliances.


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