Big capacity for LG TWINwash and dryer


Winner of a 2019 CES Innovation Award, LG’s large-capacity TWINWash washer and dryer made their debut in Las Vegas. The complete system of ultra-large capacity washer, convenient SideKick pedestal washer and Dual Inverter Heat Pump dryer makes it possible to run two loads at once while gently drying a third at low temperature. LG’s laundry solution also incorporates Wi-Fi and SmartThinQ, enhancing user convenience by making laundry more intelligent. The new large-capacity washer and dryer feature a 27-inch LG TWINWash front-loader. While the main washer handles the larger loads, the SideKick unit underneath is ideal for smaller loads or more delicate clothing that requires a gentler touch. With an increased capacity and simultaneous washing capability, LG TWINWash is ideal for large families. The advanced washer is equipped with TurboWash360° which combines five powerful jets with 6Motion to allow water to penetrate deep into fabrics. The new dryer’s Dual Inverter Heat Pump means even more energy savings and with a lower drying temperature, clothes last longer and shrink less. Besides, Auto Cleaning Condenser keeps the condenser free of lint and debris to improve air circulation. Thanks to Wi-Fi and SmartThinQ, the TWINWash washer and dryer are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling the user to turn the machines on or off, start or pause a load, monitor the cycle status and more using voice commands and a smartphone app. The dryer’s Smart Pairing function eliminates the need to manually choose a drying cycle as LG’s intelligent technology suggests the most optimal setting.


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