ERP Italia: 23,182 tons of WEEE collected in 2018


In 2018 the ERP Italia consortium collected and treated 23,182 tons of WEEE (292,237 tons in the 2008-2018 period). During the last year, the international group of which the consortium is part has collected, in the 12 countries where it is present, over 270,414 tons of WEEE, reaching a total of 3,394,867 tons since its foundation in 2002 to date. As for batteries and portable accumulators, ERP Italia collected 2,711 tons of waste in 2018. With regard to the five groups, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning appliances totaled 4,360,367 kg; the large white household appliances 6,395,913 Kg; TVs and monitors 5,663,429 Kg; the small domestic appliances 6,745,316 Kg and the light sources 17,199 Kg. For all 5 groups the targets achieved by the ERP Italia consortium are higher than those assigned by the law.