Whirlpool presents the project for the Comerio site


Comerio New Life”, a project to convert the Whirlpool area of Comerio (province of Varese – Italy), which was the headquarters of Whirlpool EMEA till the offices were moved to Milan in May 2017, was presented to an audience of national and international investors and representatives of the institutions. “We are very proud to be able to announce the conversion project for the Comerio site, an area that saw the birth of Whirlpool in Europe back in 1989 – said Alessandro Magnoni, Head of Communication and Government Relations, Whirlpool EMEA -. Once again our company is standing by the Town Council and local community, thus demonstrating its sense of responsibility in identifying solutions that are innovative and sustainable over time. We are confident that after today we will have important new partners at our side on this unique project”. After moving into its new offices in Milan, Whirlpool kept up its close ties with the community and territory of Varese, where it had been for 70 years, since the start up of Ignis. Since 2016, Whirlpool EMEA has been working with Comerio’s Town Council to find solutions shared by the ownership and the local community to convert the site within the framework of a memorandum of understanding and letter of intent regarding the upgrading of the Whirlpool area. Such agreements define the objectives and principles that will guide the process of transformation in terms of economic development and local employment, the relationship with the historic centre of Comerio, sustainability, urban quality and functional flexibility. Comerio New Life is a project designed together with Comerio’s Town Council, Università Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC) and Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, with consulting provided by CBRE. The entire area (around 50,000 m2) will maintain its role of economic centre for the whole of the township by favouring the establishment of businesses that will generate quality jobs and services for people, especially small children and teenagers, young families and the elderly. All the initiatives envisaged for the site will be inspired by solid principles of environmental and economic sustainability and for the benefit of the entire community. Three macro themes have been defined for structuring the implementation phase of this organic project: innovation and enterprise in terms of spaces for work, research and development and culture; sport, health and rehabilitation to be covered by specialist healthcare services, assisted housing and sports facilities; housing at the service of urban integration.


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