InSinkErator: a vademecum against the water waste


On the occasion of the World Water Day, established by the United Nations in 1992 for March 22nd, InSinkErator raises people’s awareness about the sustainable behavior at home by presenting a vademecum against the water waste. Cultivating and producing food requires large amounts of water, so wasting it produces a chain reaction that people are not always aware of. One hundred buckets of water are needed to make a loaf of bread, 54 buckets are needed so that a chicken breast arrives on the table and 6 buckets of water are necessary to grow a potato. In this context, the domestic use is one of the main causes of water waste and this is why InSinkErator, which this year celebrates 80 years, is carrying out a research to offer increasingly eco-sustainable products. Among the main tips there is to avoid leaving the tap open while waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature. In this case, a technologically advanced tap such as 4N1 Touch by InSinkErator can be a solution as it instantly offers water between 88° and 98°C.
Here is the vademecum in eight points:
1) Install taps and thermostats that immediately dispense water already at the desired temperature
2) Use the pasta cooking water to wash the dishes or degrease them
3) Brush your teeth, face or hair using water only to rinse yourself
4) Use a basin to collect water when washing fruits and vegetables
5) Equip yourself with intelligent dispensers with anti-waste systems to reduce the consumption
6) Always use the washing machine or dishwasher fully loaded
7) Use the toilet flush only when it’s really necessary
8) Optimize the use of water to irrigate plants and gardens