ABenergie shows the energy consumption of the Italians

DiCE, the IoT system developed by ABenergie.

ABenergie operates in the sector of the production and supply of green electricity and in the trading and supply of natural gas on the Italian territory. Founded in 2006, the company today represents an important reality in the Italian renewable energy market. ABenergie has conducted a survey on a sample of 1000 domestic customers in order to estimate the average annual energy consumption, identify the products with the highest consumption and implement corrective measures aimed at avoiding waste. Analyzing the consumption of 1000 Italian type-families of 4 people, and considering average values of use per household appliance, on average energy classes, it can be seen that, on an average annual total value of approximately 2,700 kWh per family, the refrigerator accounts for 566 kWh, representing almost 21% of the total consumption, followed by the dishwasher with 400 kWh (about 15% of the total) and lighting with 277 kWh (10% of the total), while the stand-by of the appliances leads to a consumption of almost 220 kWh, which is equivalent to 8% of the total. Based on these values, ABenergie has estimated that it would be possible to achieve energy savings up to 18% by correctly using DiCE, the IoT system developed by the company. The heart of this system is a device accompanied by an app with which it is possible to achieve a greater awareness of the consumption and be more sustainable.
Through luminous signals, DiCE helps the consumer: if the light is green, it means that the consumption is on an average level, calculated based on seasonality and consumption habits. When the consumption increases, the light changes until it becomes red and flashing when the power is about to reach the maximum level and there is the risk of blackout. Thanks to this tool it is possible to have a real perception of the energy consumption and a consumption analysis of the products on stand-by. Furthermore, it is possible to plan the loads to avoid the disconnection from the grid (DiCE provides real-time information on the power absorbed by the devices) and to plan the loads to save money based on the moment of use (with DiCE it is possible to visualize in which hours there are the highest energy absorption peaks). Finally, knowing that the green color indicates the minimum consumption, the user can try to keep DiCE in this color, turning off everything that is not necessary and thus reaching a saving in the bill.