Vortice acquired Casals


Vortice S.p.A. announced the acquisition of the Spanish brand Casals, purchasing 100% of the share capital from Ventilación Industrial Ind. S.L. (Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Girona, Catalonia, Spain), a company that operates in the industrial ventilation systems sector. Thanks to this partnership, Vortice Group will be able to reinforce its offer with catalogues that complement the products of the entire Group, which will expand the company’s network and open up further commercial avenues on the international market. “From now on, Vortice and Casals will be sharing their technical knowledge and commercial assets, which will allow us to create a multiplier for the growth and development of both companies. We will also be reinforcing the logistics and production facilities. As well as this, particular attention will be given to strengthening the development process for new products by the two Companies Research & Development teams, with the aim of providing increasingly efficient solutions with a keen focus on the environmental impact of the products, reduction in energy consumption and noise pollution”, commented Stefano Guantieri, Director-General of Vortice S.p.A. and the new Vice President of Casals.